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Project Grant Application 


Award description

The project grants provide $2,500 to $5,000 to fully or partially fund an independent project. The selected focus of the project should be one of personal significance and interest, related to a specific field of study or career plans.   Consistent with current University of Michigan Campaign Goals, the projects should strive to extend academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences and have potential to serve the public good. Last year, we split awards in the case of a tie, funding two project grants at a level of $2,500 each.

Eligibility and requirements

Applicants must be active Junior, Senior or Graduate/Professional Phi Kappa Phi members* who will be returning to the University of Michigan as registered full-time students during the academic year following their application. They should demonstrate evidence of qualities necessary for successfully completing an independent project, such as self-reliance, maturity, creativity and resourcefulness. *You must have accepted your membership prior to applying for the project grant.

All project grant recipients will be asked to submit a brief progress report at a December PKP Executive Board Meeting, and a brief final report when the project is completed. All project grant recipients will be expected to serve on the UM PKP Executive Board as a Student Vice-President.  The term runs from August through May of the year following their award.  Student Vice-Presidents contribute about 40 hours of service, including 5-6 one-hour board meetings during the academic year.  Other tasks can generally be done from a personal computer at any time within assigned deadlines.


The application includes the following:

Project proposal 

Your proposal should describe a creative, self-directed plan for experiential learning, research or exploration focused on an issue that is of high personal significance and consistent with your career goals. Your project can build on an academic experience or interest you have. It can be directed at a lifelong ambition that allows you to make use of skills you have acquired. Your project can be an internship, apprenticeship, research, informal learning, volunteer activities, service, or other forms of meaningful interaction and engagement that you initiate and that will allow you to meet your goals.  The award can be used to fully fund a project, or as seed money to get things started.  You must design your own plan, however you can utilize opportunities provided by another party or organization as long as you personalize the experience. Your project may include travel, however you may not include travel to destinations under University Travel Restrictions. Present your plan in terms of the following:

Budget spreadsheet

A budget template is provided for you to explain anticipated costs associated with the proposed project. If you are proposing international travel, the budget must include international health insurance and emergency evacuation insurance, such as that offered by HTH International, and any required immunizations. This sample budget should include the kind of detail that shows you have fully thought through the expenses associated with the plan.  The budget can cover living expenses, tuition or other items that make it possible for you to meet your goals.  Ineligible expenses include cameras, laptops, digital recorders, telephones, other personal equipment, and personal items such as clothing and medication.

Supplemental Materials

Additional materials are not required but recommended to provide the Selection Committee with additional information upon which to judge your application.  You may include memos of understanding or correspondence confirming an internship, collaboration, or other relationships and/or documentation integral to your plan.

Faculty recommendation

We ask that you have one faculty member or other principal advisor provide an assessment of your readiness to undertake the proposed project. 

Deadlines & selection process

Email the completed application form, project proposal, budget and supplemental materials (if applicable) to:   All materials must be submitted in PDF format.  The submission deadline is listed each year on the U-M PKP calendar page.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee including UM PKP Board Members and UM faculty and staff.  The applications will be evaluated according to the feasibility of the project and the impact it will have on the applicant’s academic and career goals. The review committee will take into consideration the practicability of the proposal, including costs and whether the proposed time is sufficient to achieve the intended goals.  They will also be evaluated on the extent to which the project extends academic excellence into real-world experiences and the potential to serve the public good.